Debt Purchasing

Debt Purchasing

Law Debt Collection, through its related companies also purchase’s debtors ledgers From Clients Who Wish to capitalise on outstanding or written off debtors. Law Debt Collection will consider any ledger of any size with a view to purchasing that ledger of debts up to an age of 5 years.

Our trained staff will be able to look at your ledger and place a value on it.

If you have outstanding accounts that have been written off or just remain outstanding on your system, they may still be able to be recovered and you could be sitting on a sizeable asset.

Whether it be Finance Company, Hire Purchase, Utility, Services, Or Goods And Services, Law Debt Collection would be interested in discussing your overdue and outstanding account. It is our job to look to value these ledgers with a view to being able to free our client from the burden of time payment. 

For more information on these services please contact sales on (09) 267 8999 or email