Debt Recovery Services

When it comes to your money there is no amount to big or small for us to collect. We specialise in the following types of debt recovery.

  • Commercial Debt – from your average tradesman’s account to finance debt.
  • Consumer Debt – disputes tribunal enforcement, tenancy tribunal enforcement, personal loans etc
  • Insolvency Debt – with our insolvency division being headed up by John Campbell with over 20 years experience in the insolvency industry we are able to work with Liquidators, Receivers and the Official Assignee to assist them with the insolvency process.

Dispute Resolution

We mediate disputes to find an outcome that benefits both parties.

Our internal legal department has been the key to provide quality legal services for our debt recoveries and having a much more economical cost, as there is no point throwing good money after bad. We have a large number of agents all over New Zealand and are happy to assist with any document service.

Insolvency Advisors

Should you find yourself or your business in a position where you no longer have the means to pay your own debts our insolvency team are able to work with you to find the best possible outcome. We specialise in:-

  • Liquidation
  • Receivership
  • Voluntary Administration 

Credit Control Services

  • Credit Checks – when a company or individual is applying credit it is always a good idea to run a credit check on them. Not only to ensure they have the means to pay the debt but to see how they have treated their creditors in the past.
  • Tracing – when a client is applying for credit it is always important to verify the information that you are being provided is true and correct. In the event of your account being passed to us for collection it may require some tracing to identify where the debtor is currently located.
  • Terms of Trade Documentation – to ensure that you are protected and to secure your rights it is important to have this documentation and ensure it is up to date. We are able to customise a set of terms that best suit your business and to make sure you are protected from debt recovery costs to being able to secure your interest on the PPSR.

For more information on these services please contact sales on (09) 267 8999 or email